My name is Chelsea.

I'm 21. I'm a senior in college. I'm not really one for labels. I try no to judge others. For a long time, I wanted to please everyone. Now, I just don't give a damn. I love my family, even though they're all crazy. I love my friends. They're kind of crazy as well. :)

I'm by no mean perfect. And I've never tried to lead anyone to believe that I am.

My biggest fear is that I will never be good enough for anyone. That I'm not good enough for my father... or my mother... or anyone I've ever know.

I just want someone to tell me that I am good enough. That's all I've ever really wanted... To have someone look me in the face and say that I was good enough... All my flaws... everything. It's all good enough.

I guess that's enough about me. :)

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me today except for the book said paramore and the book was a macbook…………….. 


me today except for the book said paramore and the book was a macbook…………….. 

There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything

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These icebergs by Zaria Forman are not photographed, they are painted. The New York based artist paints fascinating landscapes using pastels. The inspiration for her drawings began in her early childhood when she traveled with her family throughout several of the world’s most remote landscapes, which were the subject of her mother’s fine art photography. When Zaria Forman visited Greenland in 2012, she saw firsthand the effects that climate change had taken on the region. In her project ‘Chasing the Light’ she captures the idea of a world deep in the process of a terrifying change.

The artist explains: ‘My mother, Rena Bass Forman, had conceived the idea for the voyage, but sadly did not live to see it through. During the months of her illness her dedication to the expedition never wavered and I promised to carry out her final journey. In Greenland, I scattered her ashes amongst crackling ice diamonds, on the towering peak of one of earth’s oldest stones and under the green glow of northern lights. She is now a part of the landscape she loved so much. I am deeply grateful for the team of talented artists and scholars and the Wanderbird captains and crew for helping me carry out her wishes and realize her dream.’

So it was out of love that our gods said they would give us whatever we ask. I told them I wanted to carry you with me, so they immortalized you in the constellations in my hand. And now a days I trace you out as the wayward strand that cuts my love line in half.

"In Situations Like This" - Alysia Harris (via sailorswithout-ships)